About Pad Pouch The Pad Pouch is available to anyone who wants a back pack with an easy, hands free way to carry a tablet device. It has a unique design that secures the tablet facing out on the user's chest and it integrates with an app that transforms the normally dark display screen in sleep mode - to a graphic display screen with a variety of logos, photos and motion designs. The Pad Pouch focuses on today's students. As the education model moves away from textbooks, and toward tablet devices becoming the primary education tool, students will now be carrying iPads, Kindles, Chromebooks and other similar devices, as opposed to a mountain of text books. The Pad Pouch delivers several key features to the modern student using a tablet: • Less likely to break or drop their tablet device. • Less likely to lose or forget their tablet device. • Easy, hands free carrying of their tablet device in Pad Pouch sleeve and other items in back pack. • The Pad Pouch app provides the vehicle for a fun display of logos on the chest area, capitalizing on Pop Culture's "Tee Shirt" affinity over the years. Through the app and the Pad Pouch - a new "Digital Tee Shirt" display happens multiple times in one day allowing users to express current moods, messages, trends and loyalties. While the design has a sweet spot with students, the Pad Pouch has mass appeal across all demographics. The Pad Pouch patent was born out of a real life experience. The patent pending design (USPTO # US 29/452,983) was conceived over a conversation between a father and teenage son. Ben Shahroudi, current Pad Pouch VP of Research & Development, came home from school one day after his high school adopted a new digital learning curriculum with iPads and made an observation: "It would be cool if they made a back pack where the iPad could slide in the front on your chest and face out with the screen showing. Your hands would be free, you couldn't drop your iPad and you could put logos on the screen that you changed between each class if you wanted to, depending on your mood." The patent pending design incorporates high standards in the manufacturing process. The back pack is a combination of traditional soft pack, high quality materials and formed EVA soft case materials for added protection. The tablet sleeve has a sewn in clear, plastic cover. The Pad Pouch free, downloadable app allows for changing and manipulation of logos and motion designs on the display screen of a tablet device as it's being carried in the Pad Pouch. The Pad Pouch app pushes available logos to the full screen instead of the screen going dark in sleep mode as users walk around wearing their Pad Pouch. Available logo displays include a variety of stock logos in the app and some displays incorporate motion. Also, users have the option of grabbing a photo or an image in their personal file and pushing it to the full screen display while in the Pad Pouch app.] Pad Pouch... Express the Kangaroo in you!